Philippines top dive destination

The ultimate dream and top dive destination, the island of Boracay has received several awards, including ‘Best Island in the World’ by Travel + Leisure magazine. Powder white beaches and glossy turquoise waters make that this place looks like a postcard.

The two main beaches of the island, White Beach and Bulabog Beach, are only separated by a narrow strip of land of no more than 1 km wide. With sandy paths and everything you need within ten minutes walk, Boracay has been able to keep its small island feel, despite its reputation as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Naturally, fresh seafood is the specialty of this tropical island that was a fishing village in a previous life time. There are some very upscale places to eat in the five- star resorts of Boracay but in general, food is a pretty casual affair with snacks like coconuts on the beach or plates of fried rice and tomato sauce served over the counter at beer bars.

Lots of small meals like this tend to be the in-house Boracay eating style. Breakfast is usually the biggest meal of the day with all the accommodation outfits serving up a mix of tropical fruits, eggs and toast. There are amazing buffets on offer at the five-star resorts. The diversity of tourists here means that there are restaurants to suit all tastes. Woodfire pizza places and Chinese restaurants are part and parcel of a dining scene that is casual but top quality.

To go to Boracay, travelers have to get to Caticlan, where a boat to Boracay runs every 5 minutes or so during the day and every half hour at night. The fastest way to get to Caticlan is to book the flight from Manila’s international airport directly to Caticlan. Since this is a popular flight in high season, an alternative would be to fly to the airport at Kalibo and get a 1 half hour bus or taxi to Caticlan from there.Expect to get a warm welcome and lots of smiles when arriving on Boracay

International travelers can also bypass manila by flying to Kalibo directly from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore , Hong kong, China and Taiwan. Also keep checking back as we constantly up date the website with the latest travel news including the new international flights to expected to fly directly to Caticlan when the new international terminal opens

Although the beaches are the more well known attractions for traveling to here,  Boracay is also a top dive destination. The island boasts many great places to dive, with over 30 top dive sites around Boracay and neighboring islands, Boracay diving has quite a lot to offer for such a small island . There are plenty of dives to choose from including several ranked in the Philippines top ten dives. For both novice and experienced diver, there is some fabulous diving including coral gardens, walls, drift and wrecks in this top dive destination.

Boracay is the Philppines the Top Dive Destination

What makes a top dive destination? well when diving in Boracay the special combination of world-class beaches, small island feel, choice of accommodation, nightlife, atmosphere, and a variety of great dive sites. Many Boracay dives are only a 5 to 10 minute boat ride away and there is something for every level and every season. Some dive sites, like Yapak walls, channel drifts and wrecks are only for the advanced diver, but Boracay’s diving offers plenty of easier dive sites that are well suited for beginners and training dives. Actually Boracay is firmly in the worlds top ten for learn to dive locations.

There is no best time to dive Boracay, although between October and June,  most dive sites are accessible and weather conditions are most favorable. But that doesn’t mean the diving stops, from June to September, This is actually the time when we have the warmest and clearest water and some great diving. Occasionally during these months on the western side of the Island the Habagat wind can make the sea conditions a little rough but there are plenty of dive sites on the east side of the island that make for more sheltered dives for the very few days of the year the weather affects us.

Water temperatures range between 26 degrees Celsius in February to 30 degrees between May and September. The visibility can be excellent in the months of April to September, 30 meters plus, and a little poor, down to 12 to 20 meters, around December to February.