When diving is more than just diving

Although famous for its beautiful white-sand beaches and its water activities, particularly scuba diving ,  Boracay gains so much publicity with its status as the worlds number one Island, that its superb diving slips under the radar.
Boracay is now the top scuba diving destinations in the Philippines and one of the best learn to dive destinations in the world. if it was a coffee it would be the perfect blend.
Located within of the Coral Triangle the The Philippines boasts the most marine biodiversity per kilometer of coastline of any country on earth, and Boracay is right at the heart if it with two of the Philippines top ten dive sites. It is full of beautiful coral reefs and abundant with fish life; enjoyable to both new and experienced divers.

More than 30 irresistible diving sites

There are around 30 dive sites around Boracay accessible by a short boat ride. Most of these dive sites are accessible in high season on the west side of the island, this is typically between October and May. During low season; June to September, the east side of the island opens up and still offers some good dive sites like Laguna de Boracay, where local Sea Turtle are often sighted.

If you have never tried scuba diving before and you would like to give it a try, why not check out our Introduction Discover Scuba Diving experience or Open Water Diver certification should you want to become a certified diver.

For new divers, dive sites like Angol Point, Coral Garden and Laguna de Boracay offer a great introduction to diving with colorful reef life and stunning corals providing home to parrot fish, damsel fish, butterfly fish and turtles. These dive sites are also favorites of experienced divers who like to find macro life, moray eels and other rare creatures in deeper waters.

if you are already a diver and would like to venture further, then Boracay is the perfect location to consider the Advanced Open Water Diver Course which will certify you to go deeper and experience exciting wrecks, drift diving, boat diving and more.

For experienced divers, there are dive sites to excite you like the Camia 2 ship wreck, the Yapak deep wall dives and the Channel Drift. On some of these dive sites you can see the larger pelagic fish such as Barracuda, Dogtooth Tuna, Trevallie, Whitetip and Grey Reef Shark.

Crocodile Island is also a favorite repeat dive site for many returning divers, it offers an easy wall dive in relatively shallow water with a sandy bottom at 20m together with a shallow coral garden.  It is great for macro photography as there are many critters to find, such as Pipefish, Nudibranchs and excels with abundance of colorful soft coral.

Boracay is home to many beautiful dive sites hosting dives for all kinds of divers.  Whether you wish to meet the friendly fish at Angol Point, observe the White Snappers at Friday’s Rock or explore the beautiful corals at Crocodile Island then we can take you there.

Scuba diving with Reef Sharks in Boracay

Scuba diving with Reef Sharks in Boracay